All you need, All the time

love n'making copy

Love ‘n making

Running errands this morning, I noticed this slogan written in big letters on one of the local stores:
All you need, all the time.
And I thought to myself: what a powerful statement!, and went like: can they really provide all I need all the time?
Hell no!

Cause all I need all the time is: love making! Judge me all you want but deep inside it feels good (if you know what I mean :).
Making love energizes me and makes me feel alive and loved. So my answer to  “all I need” really is “to feel alive and loved“. And I look to satisfy my needs through making love.
The danger is that making love “all the time” becomes indulging. And indulging is a sure way to end up on the wheel of pleasure and suffering… (yap, experienced that…) Difficult to get off… Consumes all your personal power…

Now that which binds us (our needs), also sets are free. Let me explain.

Your deepest needs are your driving force in this life time. They lead your every thought, your every action. If I you are not aware of them, they will consume you. They will bind you to the life you are leading.
But if you uncover them and acknowledge them, they will become your source of power within. Your needs will help you succeed against all the odds, because they carry your life force.

To leverage on your life force however, you gotta be in the driving seat. You. Not your needs.

So if I am to feel alive and loved all the time, without falling prey to the wheel of indulging, I gotta know where I want to go and employ the driving force of my needs to get there. I happen to want lively and harmonious relationships, deep and loving connections, and an exciting and an adventurous life. I employ my needs for feeling alive and loved, to love and enliven through my shamanic work, through my connection with spirit and nature, and through falling in love with life and people I encounter everyday.

Falling in love without obligation and without fear is a very freeing experience 🙂

Shamanic tracking work always starts with helping you uncover the deep needs that drive the life patterns you would like to change or transform.

What is that All you need, all the time for you? Can you find it in your local store?

6 thoughts on “All you need, All the time

  1. I love your energy. If I am correct you are young in years but wise beyond~ Your writing is honest and direct. I humbly bow in respect.

    ✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸ღ♫*¨`*•..¸ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀

  2. I totally agree about being in the drivers seat and not my needs. I was saying to my sister the other day that nothing in the physical should be powerful enough to consume one to distraction and literally direct the flow of ones energy,not even LOVE. That which we love is exactly that which we should be willing to let go of; it’s the only way we become it’s master.

    The last time I looked,I sure didn’t find all that I need in my local store,lol but it’s just the place to go for my peanut butter cups.

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