Embrace it?

What is the night
But another life
When all is quiet
And I have no face.

Only shadow lives
Dancing in my eyes
Around burning fire
I cannot see.

I do feel it though
Fierce and merciless
It keeps the light
Always fully alive.

Yet its burning is blinding
And so scary
I can only hear
Fear in my heart.

Its burning is growing
I can hardly swallow
It gives me chills
Up and down my spine.

Cold sweat comes on to me
Cold are my hands
Cold are my feet
Eyes wide open.

What’s next to come
I ask in my nightmare
Hoping for an answer
From my burning heart.

But it doesn’t hear me
It is not here
It is sleeping somewhere
Far away.

The clock is ticking
Every little second
Matches the beating
In my tight chest.

Every second opens another door
For my crazy thoughts
I am burning
and I am alive.

Shadow now in front of me
I reach to turn the light on
But it is standing fearlessly
Looking me straight in the eyes.

I cannot fight it
My main weapon failed
I can only stare
Trying to understand.

Or embrace it?

8 thoughts on “Shadow

  1. I clicked on a ‘random post’ since i was taking a break from some other activities, and because I want to read some of your older posts. Choosing “random” seemed to me a decent enough place to start. Awesome! I love that ‘Shadow’ showed up. Embrace. (I was just thinking about shadows.) Easier said than done. Beautiful. Thank you.

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to explore my older posts. With all your latest comments, you really inspired me to write something more about owning our projections.
      Though our shadow is an entirely different affair 😉 xox

      • You’re welcome! & Fantastic! Looking forward to reading what you write. I noticed I don’t get an email when you post, and i’m not sure why yet. I shall return regardless 🙂 ❤

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