The unseen world of energy

Have you ever wondered why life is so difficult? Or boring?
Have you ever wished you were born some other place, some other time?
Have you ever felt like you do not belong on this planet? Like life is too long? Or like you are running out of time?
Like you should have been a woman? Or a man? (or something else?)

Do you know why you are afraid of spiders, snakes, heights, being left alone, drowning?
Of living, dying, illness, old age, losing your mind?
Of driving, crossing the street, somebody drinking from your glass, success, failure, loving, being loved?
Losing your best friend, never finding your soulmate, never having that perfect boss, public speaking, meeting new people, etc.
(hint: the list of fears, waaaaay too long…)

Have you ever tried to understand why certain people keep coming back into your life? Or they don’t?
Do you feel unexplainably tired and worn out? Do you feel like something is wrong even though everything seems all right?
Or like your life would be totally different if only you could…? Have more money? Swap your parents? Spouse? Or children? Lose weight? Have that smoking hot body? Or have a guardian angel?

Would you believe me if I told you that you can live healthy, happy and free?
Soon! (or sooner than you thought)
Cheap! (or cheaper than you thought)
Providing the right amount of self-love, some support, lots of hard work and even more courage.

No, I am not here to sell you magic. But I am here to tell you about the unseen world of energy, that holds the key to all your troubles as well as well as the answers to your health, happiness and freedom.

I am a shaman. (I tried to call myself modern, urban, girl shaman, shamani or shamanka, but all these names have been taken… I am glad to see there is so many of us out there!)

I see energy. (But I am in no way special or different. Let me explain, all shamans see energy – in one way or another. If they could’t they wouldn’t be shamans.)

I am able to track your story in an energy form. (Story? What story? Come on, we all have stories. Just look at the list above, and it’s not even an exhaustive one…)

Here’s what I do for you: I dig into the world of energy, track for your energy threads in a complex web of energies, figure out what’s going on, work my way back to your energy body (and physical body), then translate what I tracked in the world of energy into something more tangible for you that you can work with to help change your story. Yap, you got it, all your stories originate in fear(s) and are stored in an energy form unavailable to you. I make them available. I help you change your story to a better one.

I am brave. (I won’t lie to you. There are some nasty energies out there… And some amazing ones too. I have to deal with all of them while figuring out what’s going on.)

I keep you safe. Every step of the way. (My favorite gal pal recently told me she heard that opening doors to energy work opens doors to both good and ugly. You bet. But I will always make sure that none of it reaches you – or me for that matter – as long as it is not part of your story. Yap your story, your crap. Gotta deal with it! But I will help you.)

I am not a Hero. You Are!  You are the one facing your fears, you are the one working on resolving your stories and moving on to new ones, you are the one honoring me with your trust and confidence that I can help you on your road to lighter living. (You are like a traveller having to hitchhike for one of us to help you travel faster. I am happy to give you a ride. A wild but safe ride to wherever you want to go.)

So here’s for the first 5 courageous Heros: I am offering you a free shamanic tracking on anything you would like resolved. I can’t promise I will tell you what you want to hear (it will most probably be what you don’t want to hear) but I will give you definite clues as to which direction to take. And then it will be up to you. Read the Hero’s journey.

Courage is being scared to death but doing it anyway.

29 thoughts on “The unseen world of energy

    • Hi there, I have tried to contact you through the email you sent me but have not received any replies back from you regarding our shamanic tracking session. Please contact me at by this weekend. I have a ‘waiting list’ of people who wish they were amongst the first five Heros to apply, and would be more than happy to benefit from the opportunity I offered 🙂 Thanks so much!

      • I really am dissapointed that I have missed out on this. I understand the need to go ahead and choose someone else. I have been terribly ill from food poisoning for nearly a week, and now I have a huge muscle spasm in my lower back making it extremely difficult to sit for long periods of time. Please, go ahead and choose someone different, it just wasn’t meant for me at this time I guess. I will keep your services in mind for a later date and perhaps we can arrange a time then. Thank you for making such a wonderful offer. 🙂

  1. Thanks for visiting me so I could find you! Would love to better understand the health issues I’m dealing with. It’s soon to be gardening season here and would like to be able to work gloriously through the entire season!

  2. thank you for visiting and liking my various posts 🙂
    shamanism is very interesting,
    i like to delve into the thoughts of the unconscious and yet aware mind 🙂
    any critique you may have of my poetry would be welcome 🙂

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