Mother Nature

mother nature

walking in beauty

Somewhere far
I can see I am walking
Yet that road
To me unknown.

Big black hat
I am wearing
Smoking a cigar
I do not know
how to smoke.

Long pretty dress
I am wearing
White with little
pink flowers,
Small sun umbrella
in my hand,
white lace
around my face.

My face I cannot see.

Tall figure, slim
and gracious,
Walks in beauty
Knows the way.

Tireless walk
Enjoys every moment
Doesn’t need to rush
Yet doesn’t need to stop.

Soaks in every drop
of rain.
Every smell of every leaf.
Yet sees the landscape
All around.

Is not fooled by the misty glaze.

Leather brown boots
And lady heals,
Leave no sound, no trace.
Yet we all know she
passed here
In her beauty, in her grace.

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