Stepping into my art…

To my third Lady Hero who did the shamanic tracking with me offered through my blog: You are a truly beautiful artist! I honor you for courageously stepping into your art, and for believing in your dreams again.
I think that Erica’s art pieces carry a very special energy and I strongly recommend offering her art as a precious gift for your home or those you love. xox


I was one of the fortunate ones to get a Shamanic Tracking. Not quite sure what to expect I turned on my laptop and went on Skype while lying on my bed. Where would this journey take me? What will I feel and discover?

Lying down my body felt empty as if my batteries ran down. No energy, no energy at all. My will had gone too, my will to do the things I love. Taking a step forward was too much as was taking a step in any direction. No energy, no will.

The emptiness was centred in my belly colouring it yellow. My Shaman told me to picture a painting of mine which had yellow in it and step into the yellow. Stepping in my own art is quite an experience, I must say. Normally, while making my art, I don’t step into it. No, I step into…

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