Following the shamanic tracking session we have done together, my lovely artist Lady Hero, Erica, has finalized her encaustic painting. I really like it and feel it’s very powerful. Erica (and me too:) would love to know what you see / feel… Please share here or on her blog xox
p.s. I have shared more about it under her post and on my Facebook page


Remember me stepping into my art? Well, after I did someone answered me with a poem. I told her I would put her poem into my encaustic art I made after the great experience of the Shamanic Tracking. So I did… It’s called “Precious”.

PreciousThe piece I made I’ve called “Life”. There are so many colours in it framed by black and purple pieces. The black and purple can be the people around you, like your family and friends and all your experiences good and bad. I see it like a frame that holds life. Because without family, friends and experiences we don’t have a life. Life slips away because there is no frame. No one who tells you they love you. No one who helps you or make you laugh. No experiences, no adventures, nothing. And you know, nothing is not much… 😉

In the colours you can…

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