Changing your Destiny, part 1

To the one who saw the Eagle Eye

To the one who saw the Eagle Eye

What is destiny? Destiny is often thought of as series of predetermined events that are meant to happen and are thus unavoidable. We sometimes think of destiny as something good that happens to us, such as meeting our soulmate. Sometimes we think of destiny as not so good, such as when we believe inheriting certain harmful genes or illnesses from within our family is unavoidable.

However, studying and practicing shamanism, I have learnt that there is a difference between fate and destiny. These two words are often used interchangeably but they do not mean the same. We all have fate but we do not all have destiny. If you are like ‘what the heck is she going on about’ bare with me for little longer 🙂

We all have fate because fate is the course of our life predetermined by our genes, the way we were raised, the environment in which we were raised, our history, our culture etc. Fate and fatal are linked together, they also originate from the same word. We largely link fate to the way we live, age and die.

Destiny, on the other hand, is more about our soul purpose and meaning in life. We search for our destiny, we discover our destiny, we create our destiny. Therefore destiny is not inherited. By stepping into our destiny we can override our fate. By choosing our destiny, we can choose to live, age and die differently.

There is no highest fate but there’s highest destiny. Many times when we think about shamanism we think in terms of journeying into the underworld where we retrieve our past lives, facilitate energy extractions and complete soul retrievals. This work is very important and often a necessary process that enables us to move on from our fate, from our limited belief of who we are and how our life has to be.

But my favorite part of shamanic work is tracking for my clients’ destiny. When we track our destiny, when we step into our destiny, our hearts and our lives open up. We feel determined, courageous and expansive. We learn to never doubt again. We know that everything is possible. So we create and live the impossible.

I would like to dedicate this post to the one who was challenged by the wind but dared to feel it in her hair. The one who saw the Eagle Eye and was not afraid to experience the vastness of her soul hidden under his wings. In the shamanic tradition I studied with, the Eagle comes to us from the east direction, a place beyond death, a place of infinity. The Eagle holds the vision of all of who we are and all our relations. He takes us on a soul flight soaring high, teaching us to fly wing tip to wing tip with the great spirit.

Shamanic tracking can help you discover more about your highest destiny. For changing our destiny changes the destiny of our children and our children’s children. By working on our destiny, we can still make a difference today.

In my next post I would love to share with you another amazing story of two amazing people who we were blessed and honored to receive in our home last week. Two beautiful and courageous souls who dared to step off the course of their fate and change their destinies: Ray and Gay. Yes, they are real 🙂

27 thoughts on “Changing your Destiny, part 1

  1. I am so deeply touched by this. How very lovely and encouraging to us all. Thank you so much. I AM IN GREAT GRATITUDE TO YOU FOR THIS.

    Hit cap lock by mistake but leaving it as it is appropriate.

    ✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸ღ♫*¨`*•..¸ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀

    Much love,
    Sindy Sue

  2. i loved your distinction of the two – one deterministic the other free – you are right they are both there for us – yes we are born with a pattern, but a pattern which we are allowed to change – like Hellen Keller blind deaf and dumb who rose to shake the world with her courage and wisdom – we are allowed to work on our shortcomings to create miracles, if only we had the courage to stop pitying ourselves and begin to try.

      • It is wisdom, but unfortunately I think not too common. One of those thoughts that is easily overlooked in a modern/tech society and then disregarded… Fortunately there are people like you who can bring such wisdom back.

      • Yes, I agree… By ‘common’ wisdom I meant that of (all) our ancestors. I do hope to bring some of it back, along with many other awakened souls like yourself 🙂
        We live in a fast-paced society but we struggle more and more to follow that pace in constructive ways and make sense of our lives…

  3. I have been meaning to write about something similar. I am reading a fascinating book by Liz Greene called The Astrology of Fate. I think before destiny enters the picture fate will take her due… I am looking forward to part 2 of this post, thought-provoking!

    • I think you are right and that will be in Gay & Ray’s story in the coming post, part 2. The trick is not to give in to fate but move on from it once you ‘endure’ it. Thanks for sharing about the book, will check it out xox

  4. it is so exciting to discover just what we’re capable of…that ‘by stepping into our destiny we can override our fate’. with this knowledge comes responsibility that we are true creators of every facet of our lives. how awe-some is that. i’m also looking forward to part 2! xo and namaste, aleya

  5. Wonderful distinction between fate and destiny. Golden eagle was in my dream last night, and I woke and came across your post! Thanks for the eagle info also 🙂

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  8. Your timing is impeccable. Thanks for making me aware of you! I’m going to have a great time looking through your writing; I know you as a true sister on the path already. I’m getting all sorts of those budding idea feelings with just the few posts I’ve read so far…what fun, and thank you. BTW, you DO have a nice looking site, clean, modern, bright bold colors…how much of the art do you do yourself?

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