Changing your Destiny, part 2

changing destiny

Stepping into your destiny

Here’s part two, the incredible Ray and Gay who dared to step off the course of their fate and change their destinies, individually and together. Enjoy!

Ray and Gay live their retirement out of (four) suitcases. They spend their time (and resources) volunteering their teaching services at universities in impoverished areas in India, inner China, as well as in Africa. They also spend their time visiting with friends and family around the world. They live a life of love, joy, freedom, and purpose. But their respective lives haven’t always been like that. Ray and Gay willingly share their story of past losses and pain, key turning points, how they met each other, and how they chose to live and share their destiny together.

Ray was previously married with his high school sweetheart for a very long time. He was a successful businessman leading a pretty regular life with his beloved wife. They discovered that their new born son was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, a life-threatening genetic disorder. They were told that their only child may not live longer than the age of four or five. Their son beat the odds of the disease living a good life until he was 23, and eventually died at the age of 26. Ray and his wife lived some difficult years with their son in and out of hospitals struggling with his illness. They were devastated by their son’s death, questioning the meaning and purpose to his young life and to theirs. Ray’s wife never recovered from the loss, she sank deeper and unfortunately died in a tragic accident. Ray lost his wife of 40 years. In the meantime, Ray suffered other losses. His father, his brother and 3 uncles all died from the Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Instead of giving in to his fate, to the overwhelming inconsolable sorrow over the loss of his child (and wife and other family members), and to the lurking Alzheimer’s disease, Ray chose a different destiny. At the age of 57, Ray turned his life into the hands of God (he was never a religious person before) and chose a life of health and happiness over the illness and inconsolable sadness. Do you know what legacy Ray’s son left him? One year before he died he described his father in one word:  Healthy! This word changed Ray’s life, became his mission: to be as healthy as he could be. He has been listening to God’s voice ever since. This is also how he was guided to meet Gay. At this point in his life all he wanted was to be a free man (which to him meant ‘single’…) . He greatly protested but eventually complied with God.

Gay has shared with me that ‘if we do not dream, they cannot come true’. As a child, Gay dreamt of riding horses and owning a horse farm. Gay’s parents were not captivated by her dreams noticing she was too tall to be a professional rider (yes we parents come up with all kinds of excuses when something doesn’t sit well with us 🙂 ). Gay never sat on a horse until she was 18 years old. By the age of 30 however, she owned a big horse farm counting nearly 30 horses. She was raising horses, she was teaching horseback riding and coaching equestrians (all while keeping a full-time job). Her dream came true! Gay will also tell you that it is her love for horses that motivated her through many life challenges, as well as helped her through a difficult end to her marriage. When Gay’s marriage ended, so did her time on the horse farm… But instead of mourning this painful separation, Gay cherished the time passed with her horses.

Gay moved on to another dream: meeting the right man, the one who would meet all of her criteria neatly listed in two columns on a sheet of paper. She shared her list with close friends. All of them agreed that her list was impossible and that she would remain ‘single’ for the rest of her life. She was single for about six years until Ray showed up in her life. He showed up unexpectedly. So much so that she kept refusing to see him, even less date him. He was not Canadian or younger than 60 (two of the criteria listed in the left column on the sheet of paper) and she did not want to date (yap, you got it, it was listed in the right column).

But Ray was not going to give up! He had heard the voice of God loud and clear: “This is the woman I have chosen for you. She is a blessing to you and you are a blessing to her”. Then, he thought ‘Oh, that I could be a blessing to her’. Later, he asked her for a date and it took quite awhile for her to accept. So he asked for a pre-date. Gay agreed. When they saw each other for the second time, Ray proposed (he told me ‘I have never even kissed the woman’ 🙂 ) and Gay accepted all while thinking ‘I have lost my mind’ – she told me… Three weeks later they were married, to the surprise of all the people attending a yearly family gathering on Gay’s side. They have been happily married for ten years now.

Ray and Gay changed their destinies: they changed the way they live and the way they age. They are in their early 60s and early 70s, homeless by choice as they say. They have sold all their possessions to dedicate their lives to their calling. They eat healthy and exercise regularly, by choice. They discovered the joy of generosity, and live the life of giving, by choice. They have never felt healthier and happier. They are our friends and we love them like family… by choice 🙂 And shared destinies!

If you would like to learn more about Ray and Gay, share in their destiny and support their voluntary work of teaching life skills to disadvantaged students in the impoverished areas around the world, visit their website at Their homepage reads ‘Thus, we Co-mission to help others discover their destiny and fulfill their dreams.” How perfect is that 🙂

Shamanic tracking can help you discover more about your highest destiny. For changing our destiny changes the destiny of our children and our children’s children. By working on our destiny, we can still make a difference today.

Thank you Symbol Reader for your ‘Fate: A Jungian perspective’ post, inspiring me to write Changing your Destiny part 3.  In part 3, I will be sharing how when we learn to work from the place of spirit, we train ourselves to operate from a different place, so it becomes possible to overwrite our natural instincts (which doesn’t mean they stop existing but they take a back seat…).

20 thoughts on “Changing your Destiny, part 2

  1. this is amazing. it shows me that life can be one beautiful journey after another, that there is no rush to ‘get it done’ because as we follow our hearts we are taken to incredible places that we couldn’t have imagined. thank you, and to ray and gay. warriors!! xo

  2. very nice posts – thanks for putting it out there. BTW – I edited the post you liked – especially the yogic philosophy – if you’re looking to understand the Gunas, i recommend you read it again. thanks for coming by!

  3. I love it~ Having the courage to jump into the arms of our divine destiny. Such a beautiful story, I will definitely check out Ray & Gay’s website.
    ✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸ღ♫*¨`*•..¸ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀

    Sindy Sue

  4. This was beautiful & wonderfully timed. Thank you for directing me to this post after reading mine. Fearing & changing our date has been at the forefront on my life at this present moment, too. The synchronicity has not been lost on me :). I suspect more will come through as the days pass by. Thank you so much!

    • I am glad you took the time to read it! Their story is even more incredible than described here but I tried to keep it short and sweet (also perserving their intimity). They have both read and approved my post before it was published.
      I’m sure your life will be full of nice suprises, just keep your eyes open and continue the great work. Much love and sunshine xox

      • I believe you when you say it is an incredible story. I also believe that mine & my (future) parter’s soul purpose and journey, while specific to each couple’s conjoined destiny, will greatly mirror each other in the end.
        Thank you for following Spirit. Their story solidifies my purpose in ways I cannot yet reveal. 🙂
        Love, Lehua

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