Dreaming a New World into being

Dreaming a New World into being

“The lesson of the seventh chakra is mastery of time. When we break free of linear, causal time, we are no longer in the tyrannical grip of the past. Today is no longer the result of an earlier incident, and we experience freedom from cause and effect. We live with one foot in the ordinary world and one foot in the spiritual world, and we realize that they share common ground. Whereas in the sixth chakra the healer acquires knowledge of the past and future events, when she awakens the gifts of the seventh chakra she is able to influence those events. She can help heal events that happened in the past, and assist her client to select an alternative future”.

From the book The Journey
By Alberto Villoldo PhD

19 thoughts on “Dreaming a New World into being

  1. this is great! I believe I have blockage between my sixth and seventh. I’m healing gradually from past evens (deep rooted past events, not immediate – which I understand could take some time) but my physical body is still tense so to speak…..it seems I need to feel the floaty freedom, or the incorporation of that in my day to day, that can come from the seventh…..I love and appreciate your blog. Thank you for sharing your insights and wisdoms.

  2. Reblogged this on Integrative Yoga and commented:
    One of my favorite students noted that many of the postures & movements we do in yoga class are child-like –she has really made me aware of how true this is AND how important it is to be playful, especially considering the impact that is possible as we become more and more aware, expanded and fluid.

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  4. Perhaps one of the most important messages I have read on the internet this year, with the mastery of time “we are no longer in the tyrannical grip of the past.” Seems to be the most difficult thing to break free of these days.

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