My prayer to Kaya

Kaya prayer

I can see the sunshine in your hair

My friends are holding on together
So tight that I cannot see
What’s beneath
Their thick hair.

Only color changes on the outside
As sun comes and goes
Rain and clouds
Or the dark nights and moonlight.

Let me just peek
For one little fraction
of timeless time that passes you by
I promise you won’t even see me
or hear my breathless silence.

I am waiting your permission
to visit the sacred site
Beneath your feet
Moving in the rhythmic dance
Of liberating winds.

I can see the sunshine in your hair…

*learn more about Kaya

8 thoughts on “My prayer to Kaya

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  2. Beautiful words, and it sounds like you had a magical trip to Kenya ~ especially to experience the Kaya forest. It is great to have you share the experience with us.

  3. This poem is excellent and your blog is interesting to me. Do you have any other recommended posts on here to direct me to that you like best? Thanks for checking out my blog and for the like. Peace and love. -Alexander Johnny

    • Thanks so much for your interest! My home page is visually simple and easy to navigate, you can scroll very quickly through my posts. They are a mix of poetry, writing and photography, as well as experiences shared by fellow WP bloggers who I was blessed to work with.
      You can also see a preview of my blog posts on my FB page (where I also share other posts and links) at
      Hope this helps 🙂 Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have some specific interests that you would like me to direct you to.
      love xox

      • For sure. I know it I like the home page a lot. I checked out the FB page and liked it. I will certainly keep you invite in mind about any particular interests. In the meantime, looking into browsing your site a little further. Be calm and strong.

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