6 thoughts on “No regrets…

  1. Yes! Thats so important. I regularly ‘check-in’ with myself to make sure I remember that if I lived this life again I would not change anything 🙂
    When things are difficult or do not happen the way we hope or wish, we sometimes have a tendency to blame ourselves (or somebody else hehe), and regret the way things happened or decisions we have made.
    I believe that life is not about situations, because most of them are not in our control (and are meant to happen?), but about how we approach them. And that we always always do our best, whatever that best may be in any given moment. Hence no mistakes, no regrets. Life is a learning curve… xox

  2. When I was 18 an Angel eventually managed to convince my extremely skeptical self that coincidences happened for a reason. Once I eventually got my head around this concept then life became filled with more magical meaningful moments. Like just now when I noticed that you had liked one of my posts (This week I have been mostly conversing with pine cones) and then I check out your blog and the most recent post is extremely relevant. A lot of people prefer to use the word “synchronicity” as opposed to coincidence. Synchronicity is defined as being a meaningful coincidence. All coincidences are meaningful but as a poet I do love the sound of the word synchronicity more. Thank you for the post, beautiful synchronicity.

    • I love pine cones! Yesterday, I collected some very special ones that fell from my favorite grand sequoia 150+ year old tree. I now wake up to their amazing smell yuummyy!
      Yes, of course it is synchronicity, but I, like you, am a poetic soul and just go with words that come to me. I initially intended to spell it co-incidence, because we do participate collectively, and then thought no, I’ll just leave each one their own interpretation.
      Also, my clients often associate ‘synchronicity’ with positive events in their life. Not with struggles, or so called ‘mistakes’. This was my poetic try at pointing that there are no mistakes…
      Thanks for visiting back! xox

  3. Noting is by Chance……… and each meeting is meant… and every one I have met, I have had no regrets, for each one either good or bad experience has been needed in my life. for without them I would not be who I am today.. 🙂

    Love all your artwork creations…. Love and Blessings sent 🙂

    • Hi Sue, thanks so much for visiting and for the follow. And especially for this thoughtful comment! I love how you said ‘for without them I would not be who I am today’, that is sooo true 🙂
      You noticing my artwork creations made me really happy, thank you my shaman friend xox

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