How do I practice spirituality 2: I Meditate

I often get asked about how do I practice spirituality, and I jokingly say “I Don’t” 🙂 . I live spirituality. Life is a spiritual experience, whether we are aware of it or not. I discern spiritual people by their acts in life, not by their practice…

Now, when it comes to cultivating awareness (of the spirit), yes spiritual practice is important. I have clients from all walks of life, who are spiritually aware in different degrees. But to all of them I say the same thing: “Get your basics right!”. All too often we try to do too much at the beginning and end up not doing anything… Moderate but constant effort is primordial!

So here are my 5 basics. I apologize in advance to my Facebook followers for some repetition… If you are not a follower yet, but would like to become, click on the link and ‘like’ my page. Please feel free to share any comments or links either here on my blog or on my FB page.
WP bloggers don’t hesitate to share your links if your blog is related to any of my 5 basics, I would love to hear from you!

1. Breathing – How do I practice spirituality 1: I Breathe

spiritual practice 2, meditate

Open up your mind

2. Meditation
I was trained in transcendental meditation (TM) a long time ago. My spiritual path has taken me many ways, but I have always stuck with my TM practice. I am not going to recommend any special meditation techniques here, but give you a very simple advice: whatever meditation technique you choose is fine, just make sure that you practice it regularly, i.e. every day! Meditation is quite simply mental hygene, it clears out and changes your brain (for the better 🙂 ). It allows you to break away from the more primitive brain functions and develops higher brain functions (it awakens circuitry in the neo-cortex and prefrontal cortex parts of the brain).

The Tibetan word for meditation “Gom” means “to become familiar with one’s Self”. Meditation is the single practice that teaches you self observation and detachment.

Here are some links for you to help you with your meditation practice:

Free Online Meditation by a WP blog The Practice of Living Awareness – Meditation changes everything (

Guided Earth Meditation, as recommended in the excellent book Power Up Your Brain, The Neuroscience of Enlightenment by David Perlmutter and Alberto Villoldo

Lab for Affective Neuroscience led by Richard Davidson, a renowned neuroscientist and one of the world’s leading experts on the impact of contemplative practices

At Home With the Dalai Lama, Victor Chan writing about the morning he spent with the Dalai Lama observing his morning routines

3. Physical exercise – How do I practice spirituality 3: I Exercise

4. Eating healthy foods – How do I practice spirituality 4: I Eat Healthy Foods

5. Having fun – How do I practice spirituality 5: I Have Fun


8 thoughts on “How do I practice spirituality 2: I Meditate

  1. i like the idea of having these basics. since i got back from my trip i keep hearing the words ‘freedom within structure’. i was applying it to my work situation, but i’m seeing that it is relevant to many areas of my life. like spirituality. i need freedom and lots of it…but i absolutely need to be grounded or i will fly away into space. thank you dear friend, i’m looking forward to the next installments. xo.

    • Grounding, that’s the one I sometimes struggle with and have to whip myself up into shape 🙂 By doing the basics right!
      I’m glad you are finding this useful. Thanks for your feedback xox

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  3. Great, I have begun to practice meditation more so. It really allows you to focus and balance. So much going on in our personal as well as business lives. The clutter can rattle your thoughts. But meditations helps you focus and allow personal time to flow peacefully.

    • Yesss!! It is soooo essential to our well-being, and of course, to our spiritual development for those who are interested. I always tell my clients that meditation is the basic mental hygiene and has to be practiced daily, just like other forms of basic physical hygiene (like brushing teeth, washing hair, showering etc. – I don’t think we forget those or excuse skipping by saying ‘I have no time for it’ 🙂 )
      Thanks so much for visiting! I really like your blog xox

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