Hell yeah
To those times
When I roam free
Floating magically
Where the water meets the fire
Reflecting its shimmering light
Sparkling with gold on my copper skin,
Washing off the distant screams
Of soulless creatures who once called me home.
Dissolving their dark shadows who once fed in my temple,
Closing the doors in between my legs to all uninvited,
Filling my heart with an abundant joy.
Feeling so alive I grow wings and fly,
Feeling at home I grow fins and dive,
Following the path of red and purple light,
I dive deeper trusting the last rays of sunshine,
To help me find the paradise that I once knew,
That once was,
Where the fire met the water,
Where the skies fell in love with the Earth,
Merging passionately in ecstasy
Creating life in the storms of light
Red and purple
Radiant gold in the depth of darkness
I know the way in the depth of waters
I know the way in the burning fire
Of the last


Hell yeah


to those times


when I roam free


I often get asked if shamanic tracking is about magic, and how one can find magic. My answer is always very simple: magic is in life’s simplest moments. Go watch the sunset. But don’t just observe it, step into it. Bathe in it! Let its colors paint you on the inside, invite the feelings to overcome you, submerge yourself in the depth of the experience. Live it! And stay with it. In your head and in your heart. And feel it, in your body.

Then come back and paint us a magic picture of what you will have found.

For more magic, check out this stunning post on my favorite photo blog China Sojourns Photography:

23 thoughts on “Sunset

  1. Hell yeah!
    Great words that I read a couple of times!

    “magic is in life’s simplest moments. Go watch the sunset. But don’t just observe it, step into it. Bathe in it!”; I really love this line!

    Fantastic photos, too!

  2. Love this post: the photos, the poem and then the passionate summary at the end. “When I roam free, Floating magically…Where the fire met the water, Where the skies fell in love with the Earth, Merging passionately in ecstasy” the feeling of those precious moments of a great day. Beautiful post.

  3. Hell Yes!… Who can deny the Sun her dance as she sparkles and flows within the droplets of water, as she bathes us in her rainbow hues… Loved your photo’s and loved your poem even more.. We should all Dance to the delights of the Sun more often.. And know the power within those magical rays are more than life-giving.. The Sun really does fill our hearts with radiant Joy.. both at sunrise and sunset does the magical glow fill our beings..
    Wonderful poetry… And you made me smile as I felt your Spirit Dance! 🙂
    Love and Blessings Sue xox

    • Yes Sue, you know this well. We are luminous beings and we need sun light to renew our cells and our energy. The Incas called themselves “the Children of the Sun”. I find that frequent sun exposure really helps my cells create a blueprint that allows me to ‘remember’ the warmth of the sun and replenish my energy reserves for the winter. I really do literally feel sunshine in my cells for a long time after summer is over.
      And for sun skeptics, Vitamin D, also known as the Sunshine Vitamin, plays essential roles in supporting our energy and balancing our moods 🙂
      Thanks so much for taking the time to write such wonderful comments!!!
      Sunshine hugs & rainbow kisses xox

  4. We can find magic in any moment. I was leaving school and I saw the cutest hummingbirds sharing nectar with the bees, I stopped to watch and then people watched me, watch them. lol

    PS I love China Sojourns too!

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