11 thoughts on “Every Mama’s Dream

  1. Lovely……I so remember the Mother’s Day little gifts my own children made.. 🙂 … True gifts from the Heart…

    I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Day.. Love to you… Sue xox

    • Yessss!!! And did something very special, gotta write once about it. We visited the glacier Mer de Glace close to Mont-Blanc, it was a really cool experience. Also sad to see how much it shrank in the past 30 years… xox

      • Oh I have been near Mont-Blanc, I stayed in a wonderful little hotel at the foot of the Mountain.. way back in the 90’s.. But my memories are ones to treasure..
        Yes the Glaciers are shrinking all over.. Such is the changes of Mother Earth.. Always constant… We just have to learn to flow with her.. She will make her voice heard again very soon.. xxx

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